Grow Your Network Marketing Business with SEO

The more domain authority and quality links that your website or blog has, the greater your visibility to search engines will be. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making your website more visible to search engines so that your network marketing business appears higher on the lists that these engines return in response to generic viewer searches. Everything on the Internet is based on the principle of trying to keep viewers happy, and search engines use formulas and algorithms to predict which websites will best satisfy keyword inquiries.

SEO Techniques Increase Search Engine Traffic
Bing, Google, Yahoo! and other companies use search engines or automated robots that search the Web for matching content. Each post that you publish on your blog, every image on your website, how-to and entertainment videos, user applications and all content including reviews, viewer comments and FAQ sections have the potential to increase your website traffic and provide greater network marketing opportunities.

Various SEO techniques make it easier for robots, viewers and potential like-minded companies to find your content. You can optimize your website by linking with respected network marketing companies, providing metadata or short content descriptions for robots to scan, cross-linking your older posts to keep them active and writing descriptive titles and headlines so that search engines understand what kind of information each post contains.

  1. Free open source plug-ins offer a variety of SEO tools that you can use to promote your blog.
  2. WordPress SEO is the most complete plug-in for optimizing page content, site maps, titles and image files.
  3. Google Instant Search results can help you analyze keywords to find effective phrases that people use but aren’t too competitive.
  4. Keywords are the words and phrases that viewers use in search boxes to find websites, products and content.
  5. Unfortunately, popular keywords are hard to optimize because so many websites try to use them. You get better results by using extra descriptive words to create unique keyword phrases, which are called long-tail keywords.
  6. Adding relevant videos and images can make your posts more attractive to robots and viewers who will share them with friends.
  7. You can embed videos and images in your blog posts and add SEO strength by including verbal descriptions for search engines to scan.
  8. You can find royalty-free images, photos and art to add to your posts from several online sources including Deposit Photos, iStock, Stock.XCHNG, Pixaby, Clikr, Creative Commons and many other online sites.


Most Important SEO Strategies
You should organize your website and blog posts so that viewers and search engines can find content, and keywords. HTML tags, meta descriptions and title formats act like tables of contents and indexes that are similar to those that describe the content of books. When more viewers visit your website, your network marketing business has additional chances of earning money directly and passively. If people read your blog, they might refer it to friends, sign up for your newsletter, click on PPC ads that pay you referral fees or buy affiliate products that earn you commission.

The most important SEO strategy is to provide quality content that is keyword-rich to attract audiences and increase network marketing opportunities. Google is the most important search engine because it handles about two-thirds of all online searches, so optimizing your content for Google makes a sound business strategy. Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing, so use one focus keyword for each blog post. You can research popular terms through analytic plug-ins, Google resources and major retailer websites to find out which trends are popular.

  • Keyword-rich text contains phrases that people use when searching for content. You can use several keywords in posts, but try to keep the main keyword limited to one phrase.
  • You don’t need writing skills to optimize your site because thousands of writers offer content writing services, and they will include the keywords that you suggest.
  • Site architecture, clean navigation, page layout, site maps and image descriptions link keywords to your content.
  • How you arrange your graphic images, PPC advertising, multimedia files, content, URL structure and technical architecture tells search engines and visitors to your site which content and ideas are most important.
  • Link development includes incoming and outgoing links to external sites and internal links to other website pages, previous posts, user applications, shopping carts and other site areas.

Link development, site architecture and keywords provide the basic structure for SEO, and these facts are unlikely to change. Some SEO strategies evolve rapidly, but the critical areas mentioned previously should give you long-term SEO benefits and passive income. Plug-ins for WordPress, Blogger and other blogging platforms can help you code your site to attract more visitors and earn passive income from PPC advertising, affiliate marketing and other network marketing opportunities.

Google Likes Name Brands—Turn This Fact to Your Advantage
Google SEO policy changes regularly to keep up with advances in technology and to create better user experiences for consumers. Recently, Google has begun to show preferences for brand-name products, but you can use this fact to your advantage by affiliating with respected network marketing companies and advertising brand-name affiliate products on your website to generate advertising revenue, commissions and regular passive income. You will not only enhance your online reputation but also enjoy better support from established vendors for your network marketing business.

Small businesses can always improve their marketing strategies by designing more responsive websites, taking advantage of mobile marketing, adding plug-ins for better client engagement and updating content regularly. A content management system provides the tools to manage your website, but you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for proprietary software to market your products and services online. WordPress open source software can help you build a blog or responsive website, manage your content, analyze your site visitors and optimize generic searches. Network marketing companies and MLM opportunities, PPC advertising, free software and SEO techniques can increase your blog’s links, visitors and passive income.

A Network Marketing Business Can Earn Thousands Monthly

Setting up an ongoing network marketing business might take a little time, but once you get things rolling, you could receive a steady passive income by taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising programs on your website, blog or regular email newsletter. You can sell products on your website, affiliate with network marketing companies or simply promote your opinions or provide insights on a blog. Regardless of your strategy to build a network marketing business, you can increase your income or monetize your blog by showing paid advertisements on your site.

Earn Passive Income Through Pay-per-click Advertising
Pay-per-click advertising offers several ways to produce income for people who own a blog or website. You can place ads from Google AdSense and other affiliates on your blog or website and receive money each time viewers click on the ads. Other advertising affiliates include Bing Ads, Clicksor, Adbrite, TargetPoint, Chitika, Bidvertiser and many others.

  1. Creating websites or blogs with quality content will help attract more viewers to click on your ads.
  2. Choosing to optimize your site and ads for certain keywords involves doing some research—you don’t want broad keywords that generate too much competition, but you also don’t want obscure terms that people never use in searches.
  3. Adding online videos, images, surveys and reviews can make your site unique and attract more viewers.
  4. Placement of affiliate ads is critical to attract viewer attention, and you want to choose network marketing companies that sell products or accessories that are similar to your own or relate well to your blog topics.


Carefully Managing Your Network Marketing Business Provides Passive Income
The most lucrative method of earning money from PPC advertising is to buy the ads yourself, sell your own products or receive commissions from affiliate sales and referrals. Some affiliates pay for referrals without requiring sales conversions, so you can make money both ways. You can use Google AdWords, which is the most popular platform, and other affiliate programs to promote affiliate Web pages and products. Google and other affiliate groups charge you each time viewers click on these ads. Affiliates pay you commission when a click results in a sale. Your goal is to receive more money for commissions than you pay out for advertising. Even if you spend up to 90 percent on advertising, you can still produce a healthy profit by receiving a steady 10 percent of your advertising budget as automatic income.

  1. You will need to do some research and experiment to find the best network marketing opportunities.
  2. You can choose strong keywords by researching them through several online analytic sites to target the best customers.
  3. Writing clear, concise and relevant ads will help to increase sales conversions and increase your profit percentage.
  4. Finding the right offers and effective ways to promote them allows you to relax and earn steady commissions 24 hours a day.
  5. Real people earn up to $5,000 per day by choosing the right things to sell and organizing ways to reach customers through keyword optimization and creating effective ads.


Your Own Network Marketing Business
You don’t really need to create or buy products but can join an affiliate marketing group as a publisher. You will get access to a list of affiliate advertisers that offer a range of products such as health supplements, informational e-books, electronics, digital services and other consumer and business products. By joining affiliate organizations, you can market their products and receive a commission each time one of your referrals buys a product.

  • You can study affiliate lists of companies and products to find compatible items that you would like to promote.
  • As an MLM affiliate of the company, you can display ads on your website, blog or newsletter for various products using pay-per-click advertising.
  • Each time one of your customers buys the product, you get a commission.
  • Of course, you must pay each time a viewer clicks on an ad, so the trick is to get high conversion rates so that you earn more profit.

Your business can consist of a shopping website, blog, service company or educational forum, but you don’t need to work hard after you set things in motion.

Network Marketing Opportunities Include Automation and Outsourcing
PPC advertising works automatically to generate income 24 hours a day. All you need is a website, traffic and affiliate advertisers. Of course, good content and superior products will help to increase your profit, but you can outsource PPC management to outside companies to handle. Hundreds of writers and writing services offer content writing that incorporates keywords to attract visitors to your site.

Newsletters offer an effective way to attract website visitors, and they provide another forum where you can place your affiliate ads. You can even commission writers to produce the material for your newsletter or blog so that you never have to bother with the details. Writers can also create e-books that you can sell on your website or give away to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or as an incentive for buying certain products.

  • Smart marketers outsource their content writing and PPC campaigns, which allows greater productivity and the ability to promote multiple websites, e-books and newsletters.
  • If your own marketing strategy fails to deliver an adequate income, try outsourcing certain tasks to attract more visitors or sales conversions.
  • Some strategies and online applications that attract visitors cost money, but others are free.
  • Click-through rates depend on website design, ad placement, wording of copy and other factors, and getting expert help could pay lucrative dividends.


Tracking Visitors and Conversion Rates
Google Analytics, Stat Counter and other analytic sites can help you gauge how well your PPC ad campaigns are working. Stat Counter is a free service that is user-friendly, so beginners can easily find useful information. You might want to wait before using Google Analytics until you better understand marketing, conversion and SEO terms because this free resource is a little harder to understand. You can take advantage of free online split testing sites to analyze how each part of your website is doing including affiliate ads, videos, specific pages or certain sections of copy. When a section doesn’t test well or produce sales conversions, you can make changes to increase your profits.

Work as Little or as Much as You Want
You can use PPC strategies to generate income that requires little administrative work, but you can voluntarily choose to devote more hours to your site to increase your income or start new blogs or websites to establish alternate sources of income. You can also choose to sell products directly, host advertisers on your website for risk-free PPC income or create blogs and newsletters to generate income and support keyword optimization to attract more visitors to your website.

Tips for Choosing Network Marketing Companies
You may have heard MLM horror stories about inexperienced affiliates getting stuck with useless products, but choosing your network marketing companies carefully minimizes or eliminates these risks. Many companies offer network marketing opportunities for commissions based only on referrals, so you don’t need to buy or store products. Of course, overpriced or weak products could cut your profits because customers who click on your ads will seldom buy these kinds of products, so try to choose products that have broader appeal and competitive prices.

  • Find out whether affiliate products are easily available elsewhere at discounts so that customers have little incentive to buy from your referral.
  • Keyword research can help target those people who are more likely to buy products.
  • Look for products that have evergreen or long-term values if you want to generate passive income that continues indefinitely.
  • Popular trends often lose their appeal within weeks, which makes all of your efforts wasted.
  • You might choose to start your network marketing business on a part-time basis until you get a feel for what type of income you can generate using network marketing opportunities.
  • Strong affiliates offer promotional and technical support, motivation and training.
  • Choose products and affiliates that make work fun. You will have to put in some hours before your PPC ads generate a steady income, so you should enjoy your work.

You can reach some astonishing financial goals with network marketing opportunities and PPC advertising by creating a website or blog, using free Internet tools and investing some of your time to get things started. After establishing your site and advertising, you will receive daily income without spending a lot of time on administration or handling other business tasks. If you choose to do so, you can work extra hours to generate more income and ensure your financial security. You can reach your goals and even attain a level of influence and security that you never dreamed you could achieve by starting a network marketing business. You can begin gradually, generate more income as you learn keyword and marketing techniques and enjoy the opportunities to travel, take vacations, help friends and family and enjoy the luxuries of life.

The Top Network Marketing Companies of 2013

There are several of the top network marketing companies that you could join and become successful with, but here are the top five in my opinion.

First, I’d like to include a couple of honorable mentions. I left out Avon because of their issues with leadership in recent years and stagnant sales growth. Plus, they’ve always been geared towards the female demographic, which limits their market penetration. Then there’s Herbalife. I believe that their products are overrated and their marketing tactics in recent years have mirrored the shady dealings of Amway before they cleaned up their act about three years ago. But they are an enormous company with big-time sponsorships and advertising and they’ve seen good growth despite the recession, so they must be doing something right. Still, they don’t quite make my top five.

5. Market America – This has been one of the fastest growing American network marketing companies and they have a wide array of quality products, including their nutritional line, called Isotonix. Look for them to rise up the ranks even farther in the next few years.

4. ViSalus – Their partnership with Hulk Hogan has surprisingly been an excellent move, and their growth has been astounding the past two years. In 2012, they moved up to number 47 in sales after not being in the top 100 the previous year. They have some good weight loss products and a lot of happy customers. The sky is the limit for this network marketing company.

3. USANA – Although they haven’t seen the dramatic increase in sales that the others on this list have, USANA has top-notch nutritional supplements and should continue to grow at a steady pace throughout 2013 as more people become accustomed to their quality products.

2. Shaklee – One of the oldest network marketing companies in the U.S., Shaklee also has great vitamins and supplements, as well as their beloved “green” cleaning product line. They have many satisfied customers and have really ramped up their recruiting efforts this past year as well. Look for that to continue in 2013.

1. Amway – Led by their health and beauty brands, Nutrilite and Artistry, and their expansion into several emerging international markets, Amway has slipped past Avon as the biggest network marketing company in the world. Most of their products have been well received by distributors and customers alike in recent years, particularly their Nutrilite vitamins and supplements. Like Shaklee, they have a successful line of “green” household products called Legacy of Clean, and XS energy drinks continue to be a popular choice of the 18-35 demographic around the world. Amway will likely surge far ahead of Avon and everyone else in profits in 2013 behind continued international expansion, a rebound of the Japanese economy, and what I believe will be significant growth in North America.

These are the top network marketing companies to research and consider joining in 2013. If you want to generate a full-time passive income by the end of the year, then now is the time to get on board with one of these magnificent companies.

Generate a Full Time Passive Income in 2013 with a Network Marketing Business

It’s been said many times before, but there has never been a better time to start a network marketing business than in 2013. This upcoming year will provide unlimited opportunity for those entrepreneurs who possess the ambition and drive to not only join a network marketing opportunity, but also to treat it like a real business and become profitable in a matter of months.

Network marketing has seen its share of ups and downs in the past ten years, but the industry has finally caught up with the latest trends in Internet marketing, such as SEO, PPC and social media marketing. With more people than ever not only using the Internet and shopping on the Internet, but also looking for money-making opportunities on the Internet, the timing is perfect to start your own network marketing business and begin to rake in significant profits by attracting hoards of new distributors and customers in the new year.

There are hundreds of network marketing companies to choose from, and to be honest, you could become very successful with more than a few of them if you apply yourself the right way and learn some simple Internet marketing techniques, both free and paid, that will catapult you to a large monthly passive income. I of course recommend Amway, but there are several other network marketing opportunities that are worth researching before you make your pick.

Network marketing has come a long way and so has digital media and technology in general. The two have now formed a perfect marriage and created an opportunity like we’ve never seen before in the industry, where a newcomer could begin today and be profitable in less than 90 days, and have a significant full-time income in less than six months. I believe this is truly possible, if not probable, for anyone that takes this seriously and is willing to invest a little time, effort and money on a consistent basis just for a few months. Once you’ve built your customer base and solidified your downline, the sky is the limit, and the work begins to decrease dramatically with each passing month.

Don’t let January pass you by without making the most positive and impactful decision of your financial life. Start your network marketing business right now. For more information on the Amway network marketing opportunity, click the following link: Start an Amway Network Marketing Business